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Cloud-Based Property Management

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Secure, searchable and standardized

When it comes to documents, your property management company could probably fill a warehouse. Leases, inspections, notices, reports – going paperless sounds like a great option, but then you contend with hackers, corrupted files and broken servers.

Property Vista’s customer-centred software knows document storage has to be organized and centralized to find what you need, while maintaining high security and full compliance to keep it safe and reliable.

Seek and ye shall find – in fact we guarantee it

Your documents will all be organized and centralized in Property Vista, with customizable fields that make searching for items a breeze. Best of all, since Property Vista can be accessed using any of your devices, you can get what you need no matter where you are.

Safe sharing

You can share any document with a simple click with our permissions tool. This keeps documents in your control and eliminates the security risks of downloading files to your computer and sending them as attachments via email.

Full security

Property Vista provides you with end-to-end encryption, multiple firewalls and secure access to keep your documents safe. We have servers are located in Canada and are fully compliant with all legal security measures, and provide backup power and servers, as well as data recovery in the case of a hardware failure.

Jack Beaton Sterling Karamar, Property Management
Describe your experience in a few words

Property Vista Inspector app helps us to effectively manage all of our inspections.

What do you like the most about the software?

The app is very intuitive and ensures we do not miss any inspection