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Real Estate Property Management Software

Property Management Software for Landlords

Everything you do to drive greater success and growth is linked to the time and energy you have each day to get the job done. When we talk about Property Vista creating efficiencies, eliminating redundancies and keeping you organized, we are really talking about helping you run your business.

Our powerful, self-sufficient system of automation and organization acts like your trusted partner, shouldering the load of organizational tasks so you can chase leads, develop strategies, network and manage. Property Vista delivers consistently and accurately on everything you rely on us to handle.

Resident Portal - myCommunity

Pay rent, track maintenance requests, update you contact info and access important leasing and insurance documents from any device.

Your tenants will love the autonomy of using Property Vista’s resident portal to manage their everyday tasks like paying rent and submitting requests, and you’ll love how our automated system receives, sorts, categorizes and queues these actions without any manual intervention required.

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Owner Portal

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Save time and increase owner satisfaction by granting them direct access to important documents, reports, updates and anything else they need to give them peace of mind that their property is in good hands.

Owners need a solid overview of their investments in your properties – the health of finances and operations, repairs and maintenance, access to legal documents and accounting reports – ensuring their investment is running smoothly and earning them a profit. However, collecting this information takes away from time you’d quite frankly rather spend doing what they want of you: running operations with success.

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Document Storage

Leases, receipts, insurance, inspection reports, building plans – it’s enough work to get these tasks done, do you really want to burden yourself with managing the paperwork too? Let Property Vista’s secure document filing system handle these important records, making them easy to find and access at a moment’s notice.

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Renters Insurance

Minimizing risk is an important part of your responsibilities as a property management company, and it’s critical to ensure your residents are covered in cases of emergencies and accidents.

Lower your liability and keep your property protected with our fully-integrated renters insurance through Tenant Sure with easy enrolment and complete protection at a great rate.

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Property Vista Inspector app helps us to effectively manage all of our inspections.

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The app is very intuitive and ensures we do not miss any inspection