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Finding the few, the chosen

Part of Property Vista’s robust, customer-centric approach is ensuring that information is broken down logically, making things easier to automate, search and simplify. Valuing that attention to detail, we have integrated an automated approval tool, taking a part of the renting cycle that’s heavy on paperwork right off your plate.

The future is now

Our system uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to analyze more than 30 points of interest, such as credit score and debt, income and required rent. You’ll eliminate applications that do not meet your approval without having to lift a finger.

Let the process take care of itself

Send automated communications with successful candidates to arrange paperwork, alleviating you of phone calls and emails. Our robust communication centres allows you to send paperwork automatically – you only have to get involved when it’s required.

The better way to work

With our fine-tuned algorithm, you’ll be getting quality residents, but filling your vacancies faster than ever — it’s a win-win.

The Most Important Factors For Screening Tenants

Start by getting a detailed application from the prospects.

1. Run a Credit check

Credit checks are crucial to confirm that the prospect is financially stable .

2. Run a Background check

Like credit checks, background checks helps you remove unwanted tenants

3. Contact references

This can be the tenant’s employer or personal refferences

4. Interview the prospect in person

This is the create a good relationship and also to get a sense of how they will be as a tenant

5. Send them an offer

If they meet all of your requirements you can start the offer process!

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