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Property Vista vs. Appfolio

Imagine running a company full of capable employees who refused to speak to one another. They would get a lot done individually, but there would be no large-scale projects, tons of redundancies and missed opportunities, and a lack of innovation.


Unlike other property management systems, when we developed the tools for Property Vista, we made sure they spoke to one another so that relevant information and standard processes would flow smoothly from one module to another. With a combined 100+ years of property management experience, our software is designed to work just like you do.

With a coherent set-up in mind, we offer features over Appfolio such as:

Message Centre

  • automate communications of any size via voice, email or text
  • schedule maintenance updates, payment reminders, move-in/out messages
  • follow-up with ideal applicants and recapture potential business
  • write the message, pick a date/time and method of delivery

Inspection and maintenance tracking

  • link inspections, work orders, purchase orders and tenant communications
  • never miss an inspection and share checklists across devices
  • store documents from all maintenance and repairs for audits and legal
  • generate work orders directly from inspections
  • retain purchase orders from work orders for maximum transparency
  • linked tenant communications mean dissatisfaction with work re-opens tickets rather than send new ones to the back of the line
  • all the above contribute to greater efficiency, transparency and happier tenants

Integrated Marketing

  • build a website for your property that is fully responsive on any device using one of many customizable templates
  • use built-in analytics to track what sites are giving you the most leads
  • centralize and manage applications, approvals, and requests for viewings

Robert Braun President, Wolverine Property Management
Describe your experience in a few words

We have information now at our fingertips. It’s much easier to know correct details and respond well

What do you like the most about the software?

We now have a connection point into our entire resident base. The myCOMMUNITY resident portal has led to a significant increase in our tenant self service, online transactions for both rent and maintenance are way up and we are experiencing dramatic improvements in overall resident satisfaction. I’m not sure how we ever operated in the past without their help. If you’re looking for happier residents, these are the guys to talk to.