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Collect Rent Online

Make Tenant Rental Payments Easy – Fast, Secure, and Efficient


Paying Rent Online

Imagine no more lost cheques, bounced payments and manual accounting updates – rent paid online is one of the most critical time-saving and money-generating tools you can offer.

Schedule Payments

Property Vista has integrated online payments for the cost of rent into the tenant-accessible myCommunity page, where the user-friendly layout will guide them step-by-step, whether they want to simply pay online or set up regular scheduled payments.

No Paperwork

40% of paper-based payments go delinquent

Whether it’s the result of lost cheques or simply tardy residents, two-fifths of your rental income has to be chased down. Tenants pay NSF fees, your profits suffer, and your valuable time is wasted tracking down cheques and updating the paperwork.

Save Time and Money

Put the past out to pasture

Electronic fund transfers only go through when the money is available, avoiding NSFs, and they don’t require a trip to the bank. On top of that, your books are automatically updated, obliterating a huge roadblock in your productivity.

Upgrade your property’s profile and free up your time to focus on tasks that forward your business.

The Process to Collecting Rent Online

  1. Tenant pays online at their convenience

    They can choose their payment option (credit card, direct banking etc.)

  2. The accounting system are instantly updated

    We allow you to keep track of all rent payments.

  3. Tenant is notified of online payment

    We make it easy for the tenant to pay their rent. If they choose to they can also set up automatic payments

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The app is very intuitive and ensures we do not miss any inspection