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December 31, 2019

The Secret to Successful Property Inspections

Property inspections are performed at every major phase of rental property management. In addition to tenant move-in and move-out inspections, there are ongoing building inspections, health and safety inspections and inspections during renovations and upgrades.

It’s critical to be able to track and monitor the condition of the properties you manage. These due diligence insights play a role in how to plan and allot for maintenance and repair budgets, when to upgrade and, ultimately, where to invest to improve the value of the owner’s property.

The secret to being able to keep a sharp eye on all the various inspections performed across your portfolio of properties is mobile property inspection software. And, here’s the thing: successful property management firms understand that inspection software is not something that is simply employed during move-ins and move-outs, it’s a part of the PM operational process.

The Need for a Property-Wide View

If you are still filling out paperwork and then rekeying into your computer when you are back at the office, you are wasting time, money, effort and, of course, paper. Paperwork can get lost, and details can be forgotten. You need a centralized repository for all inspection documentation, and the ability to automate, track and remediate any issues.

Web-based property inspection software is more than just convenience. It offers your firm protection against risk. You can set reminders for inspections and routine maintenance. You have the ability to call up reports relating to maintenance costs and the number of repairs across all buildings or even drill down by region or by building. It gives you 24-7 access into the status of any repair or any inspection.

Enforce Consistency

Any growing, successful property firm needs best-practices procedures that are uniform. Inspection software helps PM firms achieve consistent, company-wide processes. For example, during new tenant walk through and sign-off, by using inspection software, property managers can go through a digital checklist and even attach photos to each inspection. It allows you to discuss issues and reduces discrepancies and disagreements. This means no more arguing about whether or not that rip was in the carpet “was always like that”! Both you and the tenant can sign digitally, each receiving a copy.

Whether it’s move-in/move-out inspections or any other type, inspection software help gives you the framework to standardize your processes, across 1000 units or 10,000. It means there are no cut corners and no missing information.

Streamline Your Processes

With the ability to automate, you can streamline your processes and save significant time. For fire, safety and due diligence checks and other building inspections, an inspection tool makes it easy to set reminders for various weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annual inspections. 

Ultimately, PM firms are looking to become more efficient and automate as much as they can. With a digital solution, all the valuable information is now in one single place – including photos or video clips. You can create purchase orders from inspections to address the issues right away. And, then turn POs into work orders. You can instantly coordinate vendors for repairs, and automatically set a reminder for the next inspection. This saves time, cuts costs and drives more revenue.

How Property Vista Helps

Property Vista’s mobile inspection tool allows you to perform all types of inspections conveniently with any mobile device. It helps you take better care of your property with less time and effort. See our pricing and book a demo here.

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