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March 13, 2018

The 6 Things an Efficient Landlord Tenant Communication System Needs to Be

Landlord tenant communication is critical to a successful property management business. From keeping residents updated to community events to important alerts concerning maintenance issues, sending timely news and information must be quick, easy and efficient. Otherwise there will be customer service problems and the company can put itself at risk.

To ensure that your tenant communication system is the right fit for your property organization, here are six things that you cannot compromise on.


1.) Security

It’s critical that all tenant information and communications be secure. Your tenant communication system must be supported by all the latest and relevant security technologies. Property management companies can use cloud-based communications systems as a way to protect their tenant data in case of emergency. The absence of onsite servers protects information while allowing staff to access essential property information, allowing for business continuity. In addition, cloud-based systems offer data back up by default, minimizing data loss in a disaster situation.


2.) Multi-Channel Options

In order to reach your tenants in a way that is most convenient and most effective for THEM, your tenant communication system should offer a variety of channel options beyond just email. An effective system will also include SMS or text messages to reach your residents and prospects on their mobile devices and Auto Dialers to share information via telephone.


3.) Easy Access

A tenant communication system should be easy for staff to use anywhere on the property or while on the go. A cloud-based system can be accessed by logging in from any computer, tablet or smart phone, liberating staff from having to be at a desk in the office to complete their work. Personnel are now able to send responses to tenant queries or send important notices while in the field.


4.) Time-Saving

The ultimate objective of a tenant communication system is to make communicating to your tenants easier for you and for them. Ease of access, a user-friendly interface and the ability to automate routine maintenance messages, newsletters, and communication confirmation letters all go a long way to reducing manual labor. The ability to manage postal mail from the system as well, including creating letters, automatically printing, stuffing and sending, combined with a digital copy in the tenant’s file, is a huge time-saver.


5.) Compliant

For anyone who communicates to tenants residing in the US via email, the CAN-SPAM Act sets the guidelines for commercial email and gives residents the right to have you stop emailing them, as well as outlines tough penalties for violations. Property management firms need to stay on the right side of the law. An effective tenant communication system will allow for one-to-one or one-to-many while ensuring you remain compliant with all Anti-Spam Legislation.


6.) Centralized and Streamlined

To increase its efficiencies, your tenant communication should be able to track all communications accurately in your residents’ digital files. Transparency and productivity will be improved through centralizing and streamlining communication back-and-forths.


How Property Vista Helps

Property Vista offers online tenant communication portals and a wide variety of leasing and marketing tools to help you increase revenues across your portfolio – whether you have 10 units or 10,000.

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