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August 20, 2019

How Property Managers Should Be Handling Work Orders

If you’re a property manager, you know to expect a wide range of tenant maintenance requests… everything from plugged toilets to an air conditioner that isn’t working. If something isn’t functioning the way it should, it needs to be repaired. When landlords and property firms use paper-based maintenance requests, there’s a higher likelihood that needed repairs will slip through the cracks. This leads to tenant frustration and potentially bigger maintenance problems within the building. Here are tips for effectively handling work orders.

Implement Easy Maintenance Requests

The easier it is for your residents to request repairs, the more likely they will. This is, of course, a good thing. It’s better to fix a dripping tap now than to be looking at a case of tiles being lifted and having to remove mold. If tenants have to call your office during work hours to report repairs, there’s a good chance it will go unattended. When you use a tenant portal that allows maintenance requests, your residents can more easily report things that need to be fixed when they first notice them. This means repairs can be requested 24/7, from any device. Another big bonus is that your tenants can also include photos, so you (and your vendors) can see the problem ahead of time and be more prepared when you go in to do the repair.

Know Your Maximums

Depending on your company, you probably have a set maximum for maintenance. Anything below that amount, gets done by your preferred vendor. Simply judge the priority of the repair, and it gets put into your workflow. Larger jobs, in other words, anything over that amount, has to be authorized by the owner, and/or go out for quotes.

Have a Property Management Work Order System

Did you know that on average 20% of paper-based maintenance requests are misplaced, and 25% of residents have lingering work orders? With a digital property management work order system, you can create, store and manage work orders with easy access on any device.

A work order system also makes it seamless to generate purchase orders for required supplies directly from the work order. It allows you to manage budgets effectively by tracking employee hours and purchase orders all in one place. This also ensures maximum transparency and means you’ll never lose a work order again! A property management work order system drastically reduces the amount of emails and phone calls, increasing your productivity.  

At-a- Glance Dashboards and Reporting

In addition to creating work orders, you can also generate reports on the spot on any device – invaluable for people working on-site. Local property managers and regional managers can easily keep tabs on how repairs are progressing.

Ensure Quality Work

Another aspect of a property management work order system is that once the work is complete, the tenant can rate the quality of the work. This allows you to keep tabs on your vendors and the type of job they do. If a vendor starts to get lower ratings, you know it’s time to start shopping around.

Want to Improve Your Work Order Process?

Our property management work order system enables you to conveniently oversee your work order process using any mobile device. It helps you take better care of your property, with less time and effort. See our pricing and ask to see a demo.

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