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July 30, 2019

How a Mobile Inspection App Can Improve Property Management

Property inspections are a vital part of maintaining and improving the value of your properties. However, keeping a sharp eye on the condition of your rentals isn’t always the easiest task. That’s where a mobile inspection app can really help out.

Buh-Bye Paper

Using a mobile inspection app means that you can gather information digitally by uploading photos and descriptions of any needed repairs as well as capturing digital signatures from inspectors or tenants. No more piles of paperwork.

More Integration

Because the forms in a mobile inspection app are digital, the information gathered can be quickly transferred to other systems and modules in your property management software. For instance, a work order can automatically generate a PO. You avoid manual re-entry work that can lead to mistakes and errors.

One Version of the Truth

Mobile inspection apps offer more than just convenience. By acting as a central repository of all inspections, you have everything in one digital location. This makes it easier to compare a unit’s move out condition with its move in condition. And, you have a complete record of every inspection and every repair.

Less He Said, She Said

Because you have the centralized database mentioned above, it greatly reduces the chance that a tenant can dispute the condition of their unit. It reduces discrepancies and gives you the ability to warn tenants about excessive damage outside of normal wear and tear, so you can resolve issues more quickly.

Nothing Goes Amiss

It’s a fact – paperwork gets misplace, misfiled and accidentally thrown out. With a digital version of all inspections and repairs, you have peace of mind. All records of all interactions between tenants and maintenance vendors are easy to find and there’s no paper that can go missing. And you won’t have to worry about securing a physical storage space.

In-the-Field Access

Your property professionals and inspection teams can access a mobile inspection app, anytime and anywhere. They can create work orders and POs on the fly, on-site. It’s a snap to call up previous inspections on the go to compare. Or, simply generate reports on the spot, so that local staff and regional office can keep tabs on the property. In short, it gives your people more tools at their disposal to do the job right.

Consistent Inspections

Not only does a mobile maintenance app help you while you are performing the inspections, it’s also a great scheduling tool. Your people can set reminders for inspections and regular maintenance, to ensure a consistent inspection schedule.

Need a Mobile Inspection App?

Check out our inspection app and see how it keeps everything in one place, where you need it, when you need it. Don’t forget to check out pricing and arrange a demo.

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