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Owners want a solid overview of their investments in your properties – the health of finances and operations, repairs and maintenance, get admission toto legal files and accounting reports – ensuring their funding is runningsmoothly and earning them a profit. However, amassing this statistics takes away from time you’d quite frankly rather spend doing what they want of you: running operations with success.

Delegate the task of keeping owners in the know to Property Vista. Our customer-centred system no longer only keeps your data prepared and centralized, you’ll also be able to share that data with our secure and flexible owner portal.

Autonomy saves time

Reduce your telephone calls and emails from owners with Property Vista’s flexible administration options. Create account access for owners, sharing only the areas you want, with full security and convenient password recovery. Owners love the autonomy of getting updates anytime they need them.

Report in

Share monetary and operations reports with a easy click using our built-in permissions tool. Unlike downloaded reports, presentations, and email attachments, shared reports guarantee the statistics stays safe, secure and entirely in your control.

Secure document sharing

Give owners access to essential legal documents like inspection reports, financial statements and work orders.

Everyone in the know

Keeping your property investors and owners informed is vital, so Property Vista makes “managing up” easier, maintaining a healthy bottom line and happy stakeholders.

With Property Vista, you can:

  • attract new owners by elevating your online presence with our easy-to-use, fully customizable website templates
  • give owners direct online access to important documentation like financial statements
  • easily curate document packages to keep owners updated on the health of their properties
  • use our communication module to streamline and maintain regular contact with owners via phone, email or text
  • keep owners happy with updates on how Property Vista has you working more effectively and efficiently

Mariano , Starlight Investments
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Property Vista ensures that we streamline and speed up our entire unit turn process. On top of that, the ability to create purchase requisitions as well as preventative maintenance inspections make this app priceless.

What do you like the most about the software?

The best investment a property management company can make.