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Property Vista vs. Yardi Genesis

Competence today, innovation tomorrow

For small to mid-sized property management companies, streamlining financial operations and centralizing your data will certainly improve your current business, but what about future plans?

Property Vista is a robust platform that continues to add value as your company grows. Not only does it provide opportunities that small-scale software cannot, it also avoids dreaded data migrations and training on new software once you’ve outgrown the old system.

Elastic Marketing

  • build a website for your property that is fully responsive on any device using one of our many templates
  • track which websites are giving you the most leads using built-in analytics
  • centralize and manage applications, approvals, and requests for viewings

Designed for Intuitive Training

  • crossover easily with an intuitive interface
  • problem solve and train self-sufficiently with interactive walk-through guides
  • strengthen security by letting employees only see what they should using sectioned accounts

Inspection and maintenance tracking

  • link inspections, work orders, purchase orders and tenant communications
  • never miss an inspection and share checklists across devices
  • store documents from all maintenance and repairs for audits and legal
  • generate work orders directly from inspections
  • retain purchase orders from work orders for maximum transparency
  • linked tenant communications mean dissatisfaction with work re-opens tickets rather than send new ones to the back of the line
  • all the above contribute to greater efficiency, transparency and happier tenants

Mariano , Starlight Investments
Describe your experience in a few words

Property Vista ensures that we streamline and speed up our entire unit turn process. On top of that, the ability to create purchase requisitions as well as preventative maintenance inspections make this app priceless.

What do you like the most about the software?

The best investment a property management company can make.