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Standing out from the crowd by understanding how you work

There are many different options for web-based property management software, but they have one thing in common: accounting at the centre. But is that all you need?

It’s about what you do and what you need to do it

Property Vista’s philosophy of putting the customer at the centre has inspired us to create a powerful set of tools that work together, automating manual paper-based processes and keeping your day-to-day workflow organized and running smooth.

A whole suite of tools, made precisely for you business

It’s not just about missed payments; it’s about lost maintenance requests, missed inspections, forgotten renewals, missing documents, messy and inconvenient paper applications, poor communication with tenants – the list goes on.

Our common sense approach combines solutions for all of these issues into one unified, organized and intuitively-designed platform that can automate, store, alert, process, message and keep your business moving forward.

Connected everything and everyone

Our tools and centralized database keep you connected and informed on the health of your business, but one tool in particular sets us apart: the communication module.

Robust, intuitive and responsive, the communication module puts all the contact information you already have for potential and current tenants to great use. Schedule any type of communication – alerts, notices, maintenance follow-ups, building updates, payment reminders – select the recipients and time/date to release, and Property Vista handles the rest.

Best of all, you can choose from an amazing variety of delivery methods – SMS and text, email, autodial phone calls – even addressed mail can be sent with the communication module, printing letters and envelopes with addresses right from the system.

See the difference for yourself

Compare Property Vista to these other popular web-based property management options and the choice is clear – Property Vista; the customer-centred property management software solution designed to support all you do.

Mariano , Starlight Investments
Describe your experience in a few words

Property Vista ensures that we streamline and speed up our entire unit turn process. On top of that, the ability to create purchase requisitions as well as preventative maintenance inspections make this app priceless.

What do you like the most about the software?

The best investment a property management company can make.