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September 24, 2019

A Landlord’s Guide to Rental Property Inspection Software

If you own or manage a rental property, regular ongoing inspections are a critical component in ensure the value of your property continues to rise. Typically, property professionals run a few common inspections: move-in/move-out, yearly in-unit inspections, renovation and maintenance/repair inspections. These help document the condition of the property at key points in time, as well ensure your building is up to code and in good condition. The one tool that can really help save time and effort is rental property inspection software. Let’s look at what it is and how it works.

What is Rental Property Inspection Software?

Rental property inspection software is a cloud-based solution that allows property professionals to more easily manage inspections due to centralization, automation, collaboration and anywhere-anytime secure access.

Key Rental Property Inspection Software Features

In addition to reducing paperwork, here are some key features of the cloud-based software:

1. Centralization

Rental property inspection software provides a central repository to pull in all correspondence between tenants and maintenance vendors, media like before and after photos as well as digitalized documents, like inspection reports and work orders. The ability to have everything in one place ensures nothing goes missing and no repairs go overlooked.

2. Easy Automation

Property professionals usually perform once-a-year in-unit inspections to ensure the property abides by all regular fire, safety and other building bylaws. Rental property inspection software makes it a snap to set reminders and automatically schedule quarterly, bi-annually and annual building or in-unit inspections. It even has the capability to capture digital signatures.

3. Collaboration

Because there is one centralized portal with real-time reports and updates, it is far, far easier to get everyone on the same page. In addition to creating work orders, you can also generate reports on the spot on a tablet, laptop or smartphone – so vital for people working on-site. This makes it much easier for local property managers and regional managers alike to see how repairs are progressing.

Rental Property Inspection Software Benefits

The reason so many landlords and property managers are switching over to inspection software is because of the many benefits:

1. Little Problems Don’t Become Big Problems

One of the biggest risks is a gap between an inspection and getting the work done. This extra time allows a smallish problem like a leaky tap to turn into a bigger problem involving loose tiles, damaged woodwork and mold. Use the property inspection tool to create work orders and purchase orders purchase from inspections to address the issues right away.

2. A Simplified Inspection Process

Ultimately, property professionals are looking for a more streamlined, scalable way of working. The ability to put everything in one place and instantly coordinate vendors for repairs, and automate inspection increases the effectiveness of your people and improves internal efficiencies.

3. Fewer Disagreements with Tenants

Issues with tenants about property damage that is over the usual wear and tear? Call up previous photos of the unit, and compare so you can discuss them, show the difference and reduce discrepancies and disagreements. Landlords can create tenant chargebacks instantly and maintain a record of each occurrence.

4. Better Customer Service

The inspection software allows you to get permission and coordinate entry times with your tenant. They can keep track of the progress of any requested repairs and even rate the repair upon completion.

5. More Value, More Savings

Ultimately, rental property inspection software enables property professionals to drive an environment of continuous building improvement, all while improving productivity. Not only do you save money by removing paperwork and manual work, but by implementing a sustainable maintenance process that will help reduce unexpected repairs.

Need Inspection Software?

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