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October 06, 2016

A Customer Story: Sterling Karamar

What happens when a successful property management company looks to deliver outstanding customer service? It finds a new solution in the cloud, and streamlines operations during the process!


“Our goal is to continually get better. Better at connecting to our residents and owners. Better at ensuring accessibility and an open, two-way dialogue with our stakeholders,” says Jack Beaton, Vice President, Operations, at Sterling Karamar. “There are multiple factors in running a successful property management company, but really the most important thing is listening—listening to the needs of our clients.”


Headquartered in Toronto, Sterling Karamar is a full-service property management company that services all asset classes, including managing multi-residential, commercial, industrial and condominium properties.


A property management professional with over 20 years experience, Jack is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Sterling Karamar’s strong residential portfolio that includes over 9,000 units.


Ensuring an outstanding customer experience is the key to attracting and keeping residents. To stay relevant, property management companies must anticipate customer demands, and offer new ways of offering stellar, seamless experiences.


Today’s customers expect to interact with their landlord in the same way they interact with their bank, 24/7 with anywhere access. Jack Beaton was looking to deliver this additional value and convenience to Sterling Karamar’s renters as well as improve upon existing client and team interactions.


“There were a few objectives in mind when we first approached Property Vista. Ease of rental payment was key, as was the ease of applying for an available unit. But we also wanted to be able to communicate with residents and monitor service requests to see how we are doing,” notes Jack. “When you are dealing in a paper-based world, things can get missed. With Property Vista, everything can be tracked.”


Sterling Karamar is also benefiting from the more streamlined processes that a web-based solution offers. With online applications, all information is captured digitally and can be populated to other forms, like leases and welcome letters. As well, digital signatures can be easily accepted on applications, putting an end to faxing or emailing. Credit checks are automated, and Jack points out that results come back “quick, clean and concise” allowing the company to make on-the-spot application decisions.


When evaluating potential solution suppliers, Jack says he was looking for a company that would partner with Sterling Karamar. “We looked at a number of companies, looking for one that would allow us to be a better, more effective property leader. We wanted a partner that would respond to our needs, and Property Vista reaches out to us often. When we have any issues, they respond immediately.”


And residents have responded too! Jack states, “They’ve really embraced it! Our enrolment numbers continue to climb. It offers them a new level of convenience that wasn’t there in the past.”


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