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April 17, 2018

5 Ways Online Property Management Software Automates Your Day

Online property management software automation is the key to an efficient, productive (and much easier) workday. When you can automate manual processes, it not only reduces costs, it can also significantly boost customer service, giving your renters more reasons to stick around for longer.

Here are five areas where online property management software can help automate your day.


Property managers can take advantage of online software to manage repairs and maintenance. Leverage the property management software to automate repair notices, post-repair follow-ups and maintenance satisfaction surveys. And, of course, these automated surveys ensure that your residents are happy with the quality of the repairs and helps you monitor the quality of in-house or third-party contractor work.


Credit Checks

When you can automate credit checks you can also reclaim hours of your week! A streamlined (and fully automated) application process eliminates human error. With online software, property managers can be sure that all essential information is captured consistently and that all credit checks are executed in a uniform and unbiased manner. And, with less chance of errors or incomplete mandatory data, the end result is a huge reduction in effort, admin time and back-and-forth with the potential tenant.


Lease Renewals

Are you still renewing leases manually? Getting your leasing cycle automated, organized and efficient is one of the greatest time-saving changes you make at your property management company. With automation, you can achieve two significant outcomes: firstly, you can positively impact retention rates, and secondly, by eliminating paperwork and face-to-face meetings you can drive down costs.


Rent Collection

Chasing down and then processing checks is astoundingly costly. The reported median processing cost is approximately $3.00 per check. Conversely, electronic fund transfers only go through when the money is available, avoiding NSFs, and they don’t require a trip to the bank. An added benefit of automating the rent collection process is that your accounting is automatically updated, removing a huge obstacle to productivity.


Arrears & Evictions

Sadly, arrears and evictions are a part of the property manager’s job. However, automation can help prompt and change late-payment behaviors, and if the payment is not made, can speed up the eviction process. Start by automating arrears notifications, and reminders prior to rent day, to encourage on-time rent payment. You can set a series of escalating reminders and, you can even automate the notices to end the tenancy should it come to that. Hopefully, it never will, but if it does, you will have a digital record of all legal and collection data in one digital repository.


How Property Vista Helps

At Property Vista, all our solutions are designed to help you automate your day, and along the way improve the leasing process while offering a better customer experience for your renters.

To learn more about our solutions for marketing, leasing, communication and operations, see our pricing and sign up to get a demo of our online property management software.

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