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October 15, 2019

4 Reasons Why You Need Condo Management Software

Condo buildings are vibrant communities. Overseeing this community can be a complex job. Board members, or the property firm they entrust to manage it, need to stay on top of accounting, resident requests for room rentals, etc., repairs and maintenance, city/local bylaws, inspections and day-to-day operations. It’s not a walk in the park! This is where condo management software comes in.  

Condo management software can really streamline daily tasks, improve repairs and communication and help the Board or property firm to reduce costs. Here’s how…

Streamline Daily Tasks

When condo boards or property management firms are using disparate tools to try to manage a property, there is a lack of consistent process and automated workflow. Manual tasks eat up precious resource time and open up the possibility of errors.

With condo management software, so much can be digitalized, standardized and automated. For example, when moved to the cloud, reporting and accounting available on any device (with secure user permissions). Regular payments to vendors can be automated, as can routine reports. Automated reminders of condo fees can be sent out. This allows more to get accomplished with fewer resources and effort.

Better Maintenance, Repairs and Inspections

Condominium homeowners have high expectations that come with living in the community. They expect any repairs that are the condo’s responsibility to be done quickly and efficiently. Condo management software enables automated maintenance responses and dispatching, to keep track of the always moving pieces of repair coordination. Good condo management software, like Property Vista’s has a 1-2-3 system linking requests to purchase orders to vendor invoices to ensure you aren’t paying for anything that wasn’t authorized.

With a built-in communication portal, you can more easily get permission to enter the resident’s unit if any in-unit repairs or inspections are required. And, once repairs are completed, condo owners and maintenance managers can submit a maintenance rating. This gives you a type of performance scorecard to judge the vendor’s service and repair quality to determine which companies/vendors are the best fit for your condo.

Improve Communication

Communication is perhaps the most important job for a condo board or the firm managing the property. If there a breakdown between the board and the owners, all sorts of problems can rear up. If a reserve fund has to be topped up, owners need to be made aware. Also, as in every community, there are disagreements. Condo owners may complain or dispute rule violations, noise complaints, pet restrictions or building repairs.

Condo management software, with its communication portal, provides a centralized repository of all communications. This makes it faster and more efficient to quickly remediate disputes or address contentious issues. As well, condo software is customer-centric – it enables boards to post announcements and collect digital feedback.

Reduce Costs

The self-service aspect of condo management software is invaluable. Building residents are empowered to go online and use the portal to book party rooms for events, or check in visitors and even update the way they pay their condo fees. This saves administration time and money. And, through digitalization, you reduce the staggering costs of paper-based processes. Higher productivity, enabling more self-service and automation drive down administrative costs associated with running a condo.

How Property Vista Helps

Condo boards and property managers can expect quality gains when switching to Property Vista’s condo management software.  Whether it amounts to keeping information secure but accessible or keeping in-touch with residents on a day-to-day basis, it helps you succeed by giving you more time and all the tools you need to manage your operations. Check out pricing here, and be sure to ask for a demo.

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