Unexpected Ways to Delight Tenants

How can you attract more residents, lower your vacancy rate, and reduce your turnover rate, all at the same time? By using the fine art of delighting tenants from the very first moment they see your ad to when they move in and well beyond. If you’re looking to make your property irresistible, just follow these steps.

Small Gestures, with All the Feels

This coming holiday, with Covid-related lockdowns and quarantining, can be a very lonely time for many people who may not be able to see their families. Small gestures – like putting up festive holiday lighting or holding a community Zoom that unites residents and helps foster social interactions – are so appreciated and welcomed by tenants. We’ve heard of property managers hosting Quarantine Bingo, Trivia Night as well as Holiday Happy Hour via Zoom.

Concierge Experiences

Concierge service is no longer just an extravagant luxury in Class A luxury buildings. More and more property firms are driving auxiliary revenue by offering concierge services like dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, housekeeping and dog walking.

Due to the pandemic, Internet shopping has spiked and the volume of package deliveries to apartment buildings has been staggering. Sending text notices to residents upon receipt of the package can ensure that tenants claim their package more quickly, freeing up space at the front desk, and ensuring a timely delivery. It also makes it feel like a concierge experience.

Make it Easy to Get Info and Apply

How often do you text per day? It’s a ubiquitous form of sending and receiving information. When you include a call-to-action in your online listings to text for more information about a particular available unit, then a prospect can have additional photos, pricing information, location details and everything needed to make a decision faster – all in seconds.

Now that they have everything they need, make it just as easy to apply with an online application system that captures digital signatures and everything needed for the application. Receiving important documents like proof of income and vehicle registration is fast and easy with Property Vista. Applicants simply upload these documents along with their application – everything you need is neatly bundled together in one place.

Give Them a Warm Welcome

On moving in day, having a gift basket waiting for them in the unit makes people feel welcomed. Typical gift baskets tend to be:

  • The cleaning supply gift basket: Packed with sponges, paper towels, window and all-purpose cleaners, laundry supplies, dish soap and other handy and needed items.
  • The snack basket: This usually contains munchies for tenant as well as their friends and family who are helping them move. Items include chips, popcorn, pretzels, chocolates, cookies and some soft drinks or bottled water.
  • The welcome home basket: Always a favourite, new tenants are greeted with a lovely basket filled with two mugs, coffee and tea, some tea towels and a scented candle.

Leverage Tenant-Friendly Tech

Property management solutions that support tenant self-service by a smartphone, tablet or computer, and make residents’ lives easier are embraced, and appreciated. Ease of use and ease of interactions delight your tenant. From getting a dripping tap fixed to online payments to being able to change their rent payment preference, tenant want to do many of these things without having to drop by or call the office.

How Property Vista Helps

Property Vista puts all the tools in your hand to be able to delight your tenants, from online applications and rental payments to communication portals. Discover how Property Vista can help you improve your operations and drive outstanding customer service; see pricing here and arrange a demo.