March 05, 2012

A New Blog for Landlords, Property Managers and REITs

Welcome to Property Vista’s New Blog!

At Property Vista, we are dedicated to helping landlords, property managers and REITs build better tenants and better revenues. This blog has been created to do just that. Every week we will be sharing the latest management trends, industry insights and info, and tenant-related news.

Here are a few regular categories you can expect to see:
Tenant Life – Dealing with tenant issues, improving the tenant environment
Let’s Get Social – Social media tips and tricks
Customer Profiles – Interviews with our customers
Industry News – The latest stats and trends
Going Green – How to go green and save money
Product Spotlight – New property Vista products and features
Management Life – Dedicated to leading-edge management practices

You can subscribe to our RSS feed or join our free mailing list (scroll to the bottom of the homepage). Whether you’re a property professional or property owner, this blog is the place for you to get involved! Please let us know about any issues or topics you would like to see here.

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Tasha Morton

Tenant Receivables Analyst, MetCap Living Management Inc.

Describe your experience in a few words

Great work in getting the product to meet our unique business needs.

What do you like the most about the software?

The Sales and Support team are excellent. The dashboards give our team an quick look at performance. Tenant’s feedback is very positive.