November 30, 2017

Property Management On Holiday: ’Tis the Season for Planning Ahead

No industry is immune to the highly infectious annual condition that starts circulating every December: holiday busyness. With so...

November 23, 2017

Your Millennial Marketing Persona

With each new generation, marketers need to change their strategy, finding new, engaging ways to be relevant to the...

November 16, 2017

Seeing Green: Cut the Costs of Inefficient Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

In the property management world, improving tenant retention and minimizing expenses are pretty high on the priority list. That’s...

November 09, 2017

Mobilize Your Workforce

It’s an on-the-go world. Increasingly, people rely on mobile devices to do everything from banking to shopping to browsing...

November 02, 2017

Get Your Renters On Board with Tenant Insurance

One of the costliest mistakes renters make is to opt out of getting tenant insurance. It’s bad news for...

October 26, 2017

5 Essential Dashboards Every Property Manager Needs

In any business, it’s crucial to identify the right KPIs and monitor them properly. So why aren’t more property...

October 19, 2017

Target Marketing Part 1: Creating Renter Personas for Families

Marketing your property rental is an investment – it takes time and money – but done well, it can impact...

October 12, 2017

Reality Bites: The True Cost of Tenant Turnover

In property management circles, some might say that absorbing the expense of tenant turnover is par for the course...

October 10, 2017

Property Vista Earns Leader Position in the Gartner Quadrant

Property Vista confirmed today it has been named a Leader based on a combination of product capability and value...

October 05, 2017

How to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent

Companies are only as strong as their people. In the property management business, many of the people are boomers...

September 28, 2017

Renter Relations Woes: How to Improve Retention Rates

As a service business with the aim of driving renter retention, property management is all about tenant relationships. If...

September 21, 2017

5 Mistakes that First-Time Landlords Make

If you’re a landlord who is just starting out, there can be a lot of new tasks and responsibilities....

Tasha Morton

Tenant Receivables Analyst, MetCap Living Management Inc.

Describe your experience in a few words

Great team work in getting the product to meet our unique business needs.

What do you like the most about the software?

The Sales and Support team are excellent. The dashboards give our team an quick look at performance. Tenant’s feedback is very positive.