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August 22, 2012

ApproveVista: Tenant Credit Checks Have Never Been Easier

Property managers know what a time-drain tenant credit checks can be. However, they are a necessary evil to ensure that you know whom you are renting to. Quality tenants who have the ability to pay their rent month after month are essential to your net operating income. But what tenant if credit checks didn’t have to be tedious, time-consuming and tiresome?

Presenting ApproveVista, the new fully automated tenant application screening software that takes the hassle out of credit checks. Better, yet, it goes beyond a simple credit check and actually analyzes the amount of rent a tenant (or co-tenants) could afford. A traditional credit check for a 3-tenant application will return three separate credit reports. ApproveVista does that, but also provides deeper insights, looking at how much each tenant could afford based on their income and current debt load.

As well, tenant credit checks from a credit bureau can sometimes take days -or even weeks!- to receive, and then understanding the true meaning behind a credit bureau report can be confusing. ApproveVista is designed to be instant, easy to use and reliable.

Automated Tenant Credit Checks

ApproveVista reduces risk and gives you the customized insights you need to drive business performance. With ApproveVista you can:

  • Get trusted credit information from Equifax
  • Automate the screening process, saving you time
  • Ensure all applicants, co-applicants and guarantors are analyzed, for confident leasing decisions
  • Screen your tenant applications in seconds.
  • Capture all the important credit, finance and background details in one central location
  • Reduce errors and duplication
  • Personalize preset lease approval criteria
  • Protect yourself against the risk of identity theft
  • Be 100% secure with PCI compliance, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and end-to-end encryption
  • Fill vacancies faster

No more phone calls or faxing. No more lost prospects due to delays in the screening process. Combine ApproveVista with WebVista and ApplyVista for a complete end-to-end automated process.

To learn more about ApproveVista, our tenant application screening software, simply call us at (888) 922-4724 to arrange a free demo or click here for a free demo!.

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