March 17, 2016

A Customer Story: More Automation, Less Frustration

What happens when an IT director implements a solution to automate the lease application process? He saves his organization hours of manual work daily, and improves the quality of reporting.


Brian Turpin is witnessing the rapid change in the property management industry. As the IT Director at Greenwin, one of Canada’s largest privately owned property management companies with over 20,000 residential units, Brian is responsible for aligning the IT department’s priorities to the company’s strategic goals, as well as keeping tabs on the latest technology and industry trends.

He partners with all areas of the company, from operations to finance to senior management. “With every business, technology is at the core, and my job is to actively find solutions that are going to enhance operations and address the challenges of various departments.”

One of those challenges was the tremendous amount of paperwork that employees were dealing with.

“I noticed that the property managers were constantly travelling to our various locations — Toronto, Hamilton, Tillsonburg and so on — to get the lease applications, confirm their approval and process them,” said Brian. “Subsequently, there was also the issue of where are these documents being stored and who’s keeping track of them.”

What was concerning Brian was the difficulty of gaining business insights from information that was potentially locked up. Brian specified, “Without analytics it is almost impossible to easily track how many applications there are, how many are approved, and identify any hot spots that need to be addressed.”

When researching a solution, there were two key considerations. First, it would have to enhance Greenwin’s prospective tenants’ customer experience by speeding up the application and approval process. Secondly, the solution needed to be seamless; able to accept digital signatures as well as easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure as well as industry software, like Yardi.

Wanting to move toward a paper-free, efficient digital environment, Brian chose Property Vista for a pilot project at several of Greenwin’s multi-residential properties.

One of the biggest benefits of automation has been the ability for Greenwin’s people to access real-time reporting through permission-based dashboards. “There’s no more emailing, phoning or faxing. Our property managers and accounts receivable teams now have the lease and credit application information they need at their fingertips,” noted Brian.

He continued, “People no longer have to create manual reports or post into Yardi. Property Vista does that automatically. It eliminated those silos that required the rekeying of information. We can now push and pull information faster. And that’s been a huge advantage.”

The success of the project means that “we will be continuing to expand our use of Property Vista’s modules as well as roll it out company-wide,” Brian confirmed. “It’s definitely saved us hours of work through better time management and business insights.”

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Robert Braun

President, Wolverine Property Management

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We have information now at our fingertips. It’s much easier to know the correct details and respond well

What do you like the most about the software?

We now have a connection point into our entire resident base. The myCOMMUNITY resident portal has led to a significant increase in our tenant self service, online transactions for both rent and maintenance are way up and we are experiencing dramatic improvements in overall resident satisfaction. I’m not sure how we ever operated in the past without their help. If you’re looking for happier residents, these are the guys to talk to.