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December 24, 2018

6 Reasons Every Landlord Needs a Property Inspection App

As a landlord, conducting property inspections is an important part of your job. Inspections help you monitor the condition of your property over time. Even with great tenants, regular inspections can help avert big problems in the future. And, when you take the time to perform a move-in and move-out inspection, along with yearly inspections it helps set expectations with your residents about the condition of the property.

It’s also up to you to ensure that your tenants are complying with the terms of the lease or that no illegal activity is taking place. Routine inspections help pinpoint any maintenance or repairs needed, enabling you to preserve the value of your property.


But Why a Property Inspection App?

Sure, inspections are needed and required, but why use an online app over traditional pen-and-paper? Well, because it yields a ton of advantages, including these six:

1. No More Paper

Let’s face it, using paper for inspections isn’t very green or eco-friendly. It’s also cumbersome and risky. Cumbersome, because it requires the landlord to cart the paperwork back to the office and then re-enter the info into the computer and file the paperwork or scan it. And, it’s risky because paper is prone to being lost or misplaced. (As an added bonus, by cutting out paperwork, and entering inspection information directly into a digital form, you can eliminate errors caused by transcribing info from paper into the computer system.)

2. A Centralized Repository

A property inspection app offers more than just convenience. By having one central digital storage area that contains the records of all the inspections, you can easily keep a watchful eye on your property. It’s quick to call up communication with the tenant and see all inspections as well as any maintenance and repairs performed at the unit or building. It saves time and money as you or your people no longer have to hunt around for information, and there’s not more need for physical file cabinets.

3. Easier Move-In/Move-Outs + Sign-Offs

With that central repository, you’ll be able to call up previous photos of the unit, and compare. Issues? No problem, a mobile property app allows you to discuss them and reduce discrepancies and disagreements. Create tenant chargebacks instantly and maintain a record of each occurrence. And, then, simply walk new tenants through the unit and capture a signature to get immediate digital sign-off on the inspection.

4. On the Spot Reports and Work Orders

With a property inspection app, property managers can easily generate and edit branded, professional inspection reports for owners – on site or on-the-go. As well, landlords and property managers can now instantly upload photos of any damage or needed repairs to create instant work orders, through their smartphone, or tablet. There’s no delay, and you can take care of any needed repairs quickly, before they become a larger problem.

5. Plan & Schedule Inspections More Easily

In addition to helping you perform inspections, an inspection app is a great tool for scheduling future inspections. Fully customizable, you can use it to create reminders for inspections and regular preventative maintenance, so you can ensure a regular, reliable schedule that leaves no units unchecked.

6. A Simplified, Streamlined Process

Ultimately, landlords and property management firms are looking to become more efficient and automate as much as they can. With a digital app, as previously mentioned, all the valuable data you would have previously collected on paper is now in one single place – including photos or video clips. The app will allow you to select a consistent inspection checklist and a report and fill them in automatically. You can instantly coordinate vendors for repairs, and automatically set a reminder for the next inspection. This saves time, cuts costs and drives more revenue.


How Property Vista Helps

Property Vista’s mobile property inspection app enables you to conveniently perform all types of inspections using any mobile device. It helps you take better care of your property, with less time and effort. Learn more about our property inspection apps.

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