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August 11, 2016

5 Questions Every Property Management Marketer Needs to Ask

As competition heats up, property management marketers are under increased pressure to deliver digital solutions that build brand awareness, drive sales and ultimately connect with their target audience.

If you’re looking to make a real impact with your digital marketing, here are five questions to ask yourself.

1. Is our website mobile friendly?

We are already past the mobile tipping point, where mobile surpassed desktop as the most popular way to access the Internet. So there is no more question about whether mobile marketing is important. It’s now a fact. People use their phones to search for a new place to live when they are on their lunch hour, or sitting on public transit during their daily commute. Grab your phone now, and check your properties’ website. How does it perform? Can you navigate it easily, find a place to live and submit an application or request to visit?

2. Do we have excellent SEO?

The property management industry is highly competitive, and attracting new renters is Job #1. As factors like mobile friendliness, semantic keyword meaning and how users interact with your site are becoming more and more important, it’s still a good practice make sure the building blocks are in place. Do you know your keywords? Are they geo-targeted? Are your keywords in the necessary locations of your online content: browser titles, H1 tag, the body of the text, and anchor text? Are you blogging and sharing posts on social media? Do you look at your Google Analytics at least once a month to see how your site(s) are doing from a search perspective? To keep the pipeline filled, property management markets must keep a sharp eye on their optimization.

3. Are making use of social media to build brand awareness?

Millennials spend approximately an hour a day on social channels, and overall, approximately 30% of all online time is dedicated to social media. Forward thinking property management companies are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in innovative and fun ways to promote their properties and build brand by creating a lifestyle image. Whatever channels you use, the key is consistency. Accounts left to languish online create a poor impression. Use social media to grow your following, advertise your vacancies, create links back to your blog and share content that is relevant to your residents and potential renters.

4. Are we monitoring our reputation?

Your company’s online reputation is a critical component in many renters search for a new place to live. A good reputation is built one review, one response, one tweet and one post at a time. There are many free tools that can be used to keep an eye on your portfolio’s brand—from setting up Google alerts for the name of your company as well as property names to running them through Yelp, Hootsuite or Twitter search tools. While there will always be “haters”, when there is negative property review, be sure you respond and have a policy in place so that all members of the marketing or social team have an approved protocol to follow. (See our tips for handling bad reviews.)

5. Is there an omnichannel experience?

Before the potential resident ever picks up the phone, already much of the decision-making research has taken place online. The prospect has likely seen your online ad, visited your website and gone to your Facebook page to check out comments. Are the online touch-points consistent in terms of look and feel, voice and experience? With regard to phone, in-person visits, monthly rent collection, routine communication, is there alignment between online and offline communications and is it a seamless experience? What are the various touch-points and is there a strategy/process in place to tell a cohesive, consistent story about your brand and your commitment to service?


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