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December 08, 2016

2017: Property Marketing Predictions

What does 2017 hold for property management marketers? Our team here has been studying the latest marketing trends and talking to industry experts. Together we’ve gathered a few predictions to help guide your 2017 strategy.


Video Victorious

A picture tells a thousand words. And, well, moving pictures are even better. Video will be on the rise in 2017. It’s ruling the social media landscape as with 4 times as many consumers preferring digestible video content over text. Property marketers are picking up on the trend as well, increasing their budget on video content. (Did you know that real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without?)

We’ve also been witnessing a huge surge in “live streaming” video, and property marketers would be wise to think about how and where live streaming can be infused into their marketing efforts. Is there a local festival or event that showcases your property’s community? Stream it on Facebook Live or Twitter’s Periscope.


Social is Dead, Long Live Social

No doubt you’ve read headlines like “The End of Twitter” but don’t believe it. Earlier this year the Direct Marketing Association reported that social media was still in its infancy. So, no doubt opportunity abounds.

Particularly when it comes to gathering intelligence. A full 70% of companies are NOT collecting any data from social media. From consumer preferences to brand sentiment, social media data can provide a window to mine insights and use it to achieve your business and marketing goals – for example to ensure that your customer service efforts are up to snuff.


Go Mobile or Go Home

Your website and marketing efforts are mobile-friendly, right? No? Consider these stats:

  • More than 50% of searches are on mobile
  • 91% of Facebook usage  (Daily Active users) is on mobile
  • 90% of mobile media time is spent in apps

Consumers are “multiscreening” and accessing information in a variety of ways – from traditional desktop to tablets and smartphones. In this type of multiplatform environment, your customers want consistent enjoyable experiences.


The Future Will Be Augmented

No doubt you’ve seen augmented reality (AR) games and apps (Pokemon Go, anyone?) but expect to see it start to appear in the property management industry. So far virtual reality applications have been few and far between, mostly in the form of 3D tours.

In 2017 expect to see more AR apps, that allow people to view (and decorate) 3D floor plans, allowing them to envision exactly how their existing furniture would look in a new home. The apps would also allow potential customers to view every aspect of the multifamily unit, touring the facilities or walking around the outside gardens.


The Property Vista Advantage

Need help? Property Vista’s marketing modules require absolutely no coding or IT experience and you can update or customize your content anywhere, anytime from any browser-enabled device. From responsive, mobile-friendly websites to online applications, we have everything to help you drive your sales and marketing goals.

To learn more about how to use cloud-based technology to effectively market your properties and close on leads, sign up for your free account today or give us a call.


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