A true building community is more than just an online portal. For a community to be successful, it has to be part of residents’ daily lives.

myCOMMUNITY from PropertyVista is more than a simple portal solution. It’s an ongoing program of activities designed to bring everyone in your buildings together as a group. It aims to make life for your residents easier and much more convenient, both on and off your property.

  • Just like a building gets larger and stronger with every brick, myCOMMUNITY will become a larger, stronger program with every individual member.
  • To explain, accelerate and drive resident adoption, we have built and deployed a turnkey system and marketing content to help you manage the change.
  • As a customer, you have proprietary access to a complete tenant-based adoption program that has been proven to drive industry-leading adoption rates.
  • Buildings that have adopted the PropertyVista platform often experience an increase in online payments by well over 70% within the first 3 months of implementation.

As your resident base moves to accept an online-based approach to live, work and play, a whole new world of possibilities for operational procedures opens up. Imagine a world of web-based only maintenance requests and a completely automated resident application and approval process. The possibilities for your building to move to a best-in-class, web-based system is now a conceivable reality.



The people behind PropertyVista are experts in the property management business. With over 75 years of combined industry experience, our executive team understands the importance of maintaining constant customer interaction and industry-leading innovation.