myCOMMUNITY PERKS is a program designed to help you build and increase customer loyalty, while acquiring more customers living within close proximity to your business.

What is myCOMMUNITY?

myCOMMUNITY is an interactive, residential-based program being offered by property management companies throughout the country. Many of these companies are likely in the same neighborhoods as your business. At the program’s core is the myCOMMUNITY Resident Portal, THE daily online resource used by most of the individuals living in these surrounding buildings.

The myCOMMUNITY PERKS Program is designed to help the residents in these surrounding buildings become more aware of the vendors offering products and services within close proximity of where they live. More aware, more engaged, more referring and more loyal.

Why become a myCOMMUNITY PERKS Partner?

Simply put, we interact daily with the people living in close proximity to your business. We have their eyes, ears and general attention on an ongoing basis. As a result, offers that are promoted via the myCOMMUNITY PERKS Program are highly likely to be redeemed. Many of our current partners are seeing response rates that exceed 70% of the total exposed audience. So not only will you get new customers, it’s a proven way to turn occasional customers into regular customers. Don’t wait! Become a myCOMMUNITY PERKS partner today and start seeing the benefits of what true community participation can offer.

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myCOMMUNITY MOVE is a simple and effective promotional program designed to attract individuals and families to your product/service offering – BEFORE AND AFTER THEY MOVE

Do you have a product or service needed by people when they’re moving? If so, the myCOMMUNITY MOVE program is for you.

Why should I become a myCOMMUNITY MOVE Partner?

Simply put, it’s all about timing. We interact with your potential customer at the exact time your product or service is most relevant and should be top of mind. When they are moving.And with more than 1 million Canadians moving annually, we give you access to this key audience at the exact time when they are most likely to spend.

As a myCOMMUNITY MOVE Partner, you have ongoing daily access to the myCOMMUNITY Resident Portal, an online service being provided by property management companies throughout the country. It gives you direct, online access to a very eager, ever growing audience, with the ability to provide incentives and offers in a very non-obtrusive manner; you can therefore benefit from very high engagement rates.

The myCOMMUNITY MOVE Program is a proven way to turn prospects into customers. Check out some of our audience’s demographic points shown in the slide on the right. Don’t miss your opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. Become a myCOMMUNITY MOVE Partner today and start seeing the benefits of what GOOD TIMING can offer.

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