1. Turnover Rates
  2. Late Rent Payments
  3. Evictions Time
  4. Eviction Costs
  5. Maintenance Staff Costs
  6. Turnover Time
  7. Operational Staff Costs
  8. Net Vacancy Time
  9. Marketing Costs
  10. Communications Costs

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"In place of repeating our past paper based processes, we converted to a fully electronic application and approval process with PropertyVista.The result was a 80% increase in our approval process and a 65% increase in application submissions."

Sarah Stewart, Director, Marketing and Leasing, Greenwin Inc.

We’d like to hear from you. Whether you have a general question, need more specific information or are interested in applying for a job , feel free to contact us anytime via the information provided below.

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At PropertyVista, we’ve emphasized the importance of having a social presence by using Twitter, Facebook, blogging and other social media to promote your brand. We’ve done so because it’s vital that you take advantage of the most frequently used networks, and that your pages and accounts feature up-to-date descriptions and contact information, as well as value-added content that’s relevant to your visitors.

But having well maintained LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, or Facebook pages, is just one part of the equation. Those tools are only of value to your business if people see them.

Too often, property management firms and other companies overlook the importance of promoting their social media outlets. We’ve put together some simple ways to improve your social media presence, and build on the work you’ve already put into developing solid content.

Increase Your Social Visibility

Make it as easy as possible for people to find your social media pages by posting icons on all your content. Social media sites have official “follow” buttons, and you should include these icons or buttons on your:

  • Email signature
  • e-newsletters
  • Online advertisements
  • Website and/or blog

You can also promote your social media accounts in print, such as on:

  • Flyers and brochures
  • Business cards
  • Your move-in package
  • Signage in front of your building

Another great way to increase visibility is by adding social sharing buttons (e.g., “Share this on Facebook,” “Tweet this post”) to your blog articles, or available units on your website.

Take Advantage of Multiple Social Platforms

Today’s Internet users are savvy. They’re accustomed to cross-referencing sources, and expect a lot by way of multimedia presentation. So give them what they want.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile to include links to your blog, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Increase the activity on your LinkedIn profile by connecting it to your Twitter feed. While you can no longer synch Twitter to LinkedIn with the #LI hashtag, you can still push out information from LinkedIn to Twitter. Initiate the conversation on LinkedIn. Simply compose your update, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click “Share.” This will automatically push your update to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers
  • Incorporate different media into your social channels, such as vlogs (video blogs), a podcast or a photo gallery.

Offer Incentives

People like to feel that they belong to something. By offering exclusive deals, available only to your fans and followers, you’ll not only reward loyal visitors/tenants, but also attract new attention and new tenants. For example, you could:

  • Organize a draw, whereby the next 30 people to “Like” your Facebook page (or “Share” it, if they’re already a fan) will be entered to win a prize, like a discount on one month’s parking.
  • Hold easy-to-answer trivia contests.

Create Partnerships and Relationships

One way to improve visibility is to partner with local businesses is by asking them to donate prizes for contests held on Twitter or Facebook. You could:

  • Approach local stores and restaurants, and ask if they’ll donate a gift certificate or free movie pass for your tenants in exchange for promotion on your social media channels.

Once you’ve made a connection, follow your partners on Twitter or LinkedIn, and ask them to do the same for you.

Other methods of strengthening relationships include:

  • Building links by posting thoughtful comments on related blogs. Be sure to include your company name, email and website address. (Tip: Look for opportunities to link to interior pages, rather than always linking back to your homepage.)
  • Follow everyone who follows you, and even follow their connections.
  • Retweet posts that relate – directly or indirectly – to your property management business.
  • Visit relevant Facebook pages and “Like” worthwhile comments, using your business identity.

Grow Your Social Presence

Ultimately, social media isn’t so different from old school networking. To get your business known, you need to put it out there. Make it easy for people to find you and to spread the word. Once you achieve that, you’ll be well on the way to making your property management firm a household name.

If you are looking for web-based property management software that makes it easy to create a website and promote your social presence, sign up for beta testing.

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