1. Turnover Rates
  2. Late Rent Payments
  3. Evictions Time
  4. Eviction Costs
  5. Maintenance Staff Costs
  6. Turnover Time
  7. Operational Staff Costs
  8. Net Vacancy Time
  9. Marketing Costs
  10. Communications Costs

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"In place of repeating our past paper based processes, we converted to a fully electronic application and approval process with PropertyVista.The result was a 80% increase in our approval process and a 65% increase in application submissions."

Sarah Stewart, Director, Marketing and Leasing, Greenwin Inc.

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Have you heard the horror stories of tenants who slink into rental units without ever paying their rent, racking up thousands of dollars in lost revenue for the unsuspecting landlords and property managers who let them in? You may have already come across one of these tricky fraudsters. But even if you haven’t, you should […]
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Housing costs in Toronto have been soaring for quite some time. Now, the high price of real estate is trickling through to the rental market. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), 2017 is showing huge leaps in rent over 2016. While renter demand in the Greater Toronto Area has continued to climb, the […]
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Social media is one of the most efficient and successful advertising channels for the property industry. Recent research has shown that 81% of consumers reported using Facebook on a regular basis, as compared to the 43% who cited Twitter. Depending on the campaign, you also get more impressions, clicks, and conversions on Facebook. Advertising is […]
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Open up any multifamily property publication and you read about property management firms snapping up new properties or merging with other firms to grow their portfolios. M&A has become an increasingly popular growth strategy among property management companies. Organic expansion strategies take time, and merging with or acquiring another property firm can accelerate growth. However, […]
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It’s no surprise that mobile internet usage has skyrocketed over the last few years. Last year, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop visits for the first time in history. With the staggering growth of devices like smart phones and tablets, it’s critical that your business website is mobile friendly, so that your prospective and current residents can easily […]
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Today there are more ways than ever to connect with people. We live in an era of constant connectivity. The Internet, social media, email, text messages… technology has given us the ability to interact with people at any given moment. So, how come businesses so often fail at connecting with their most important relationship – […]
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Anyone in the student rental market knows it’s a whole different game from the multifamily market. There are high turnover periods – often when 95% of your student renters can move in over the one-week period before the semester begins. Often, there are several people on the lease, and rent has to be collected from […]
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The introduction of a new Condominium Management Services Act from the Ontario government has a lot of condo property management companies and condo boards scrambling. Bill 106, also known as the Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015, represents a fundamental change in the way condos are governed. Many of the changes are a result of concerns […]
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It’s no secret that the multifamily housing industry has changed in the last decade. Leaders are leveraging technology to manage their day-to-day businesses, and the importance of having the right digital tools cannot be underestimated. They understand that their company will be left behind if they can’t report on the current state of their business. Yet, […]
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Think about your daily life. Grabbed a quick bite for lunch? You probably paid by bank or credit card. Had to pay some bills in the afternoon? No doubt you paid them online from your bank account (or the amounts were automatically withdrawn). Went to a concert in the evening? You might have gained entry […]
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