1. Turnover Rates
  2. Late Rent Payments
  3. Evictions Time
  4. Eviction Costs
  5. Maintenance Staff Costs
  6. Turnover Time
  7. Operational Staff Costs
  8. Net Vacancy Time
  9. Marketing Costs
  10. Communications Costs

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"In place of repeating our past paper based processes, we converted to a fully electronic application and approval process with PropertyVista.The result was a 80% increase in our approval process and a 65% increase in application submissions."

Sarah Stewart, Director, Marketing and Leasing, Greenwin Inc.

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With the federal government’s intent to legalize recreational marijuana around the corner, a whole new set of concerns has been unleashed for multi-family building owners and managers. If legalized, it’s likely to be up to the provinces and municipalities to determine their approach, and landlords could find themselves in a bit of a legal haze. […]
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rent collection
If property management firms want to be competitive, they have to understand where they excel and where they need to improve. They should be able to accurately evaluate their performance and determine what residents think about life on their property.   That means one thing: Property management firms must actively welcome complaints.   At first […]
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Maintenance issues are among the top reasons renters choose not to renew their leases. Tenants get frustrated when property managers take a long time to respond to their maintenance requests – or worse, fail to respond at all. There can be many reasons for unsatisfactory responses to maintenance requests. Plumbing repairs may have been checked […]
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Millennials (born in the early 1980s to mid 90s) and Generation Z (born from the mid-1990s to early 2000s) are having trouble “adulting.” That is, doing things that previous generations might have accepted as a fact of life. Paying their own rent, buying health insurance, planning for retirement – to previous generations, this was all […]
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Recent changes to mortgage regulations in Canada as well as the United States may have an impact on the rental market. Let’s take a look… POTUS & the Property Rental Market Last Friday, when Donald Trump took office in the United States, one of his first acts as president was to repeal the 0.25 percentage […]
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Today’s online, mobile world offers a wide variety of ways to connect with potential residents. Facebook is one of the most popular online social media channels. As of a few months ago, Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users. If you think you don’t have time to keep your property profile active and engaging, it’s time to […]
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Mobile seems to be everywhere these days. From phones to tablets to laptops, people around the world are embracing the mobile movement for its convenience, accessibility and flexibility. But there is one place that hasn’t kept pace with the mobile revolution. Ironically, it’s an environment in which people stand to benefit the most from mobility: […]
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Goodbye standalone technology. Hello, The Internet of Things (IoT) where everything is connected. The rise of this new connectivity of is rapidly revolutionizing the way people and objects operate. Gartner has forecast that 20.8 billion connected things will be in use worldwide by 2020. Last year, an estimated 5.5 million new things were connected every day. And […]
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With calendars about to flip to January in property management offices across the country, now is the time to reflect on the past year: What worked, what didn’t and how you can do even better in 2017. Here are seven property management resolutions that will help you boost efficiency, cut costs and increase customer satisfaction, […]
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Every year around this time, pundits, professionals and other interested parties take a collective look back at the developments of the last few years, trying to pinpoint trends that will have the most impact on the property management industry. Here, we dig in to take a look at what we, and industry analysts, foresee for […]
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