1. Turnover Rates
  2. Late Rent Payments
  3. Evictions Time
  4. Eviction Costs
  5. Maintenance Staff Costs
  6. Turnover Time
  7. Operational Staff Costs
  8. Net Vacancy Time
  9. Marketing Costs
  10. Communications Costs

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"In place of repeating our past paper based processes, we converted to a fully electronic application and approval process with PropertyVista.The result was a 80% increase in our approval process and a 65% increase in application submissions."

Sarah Stewart, Director, Marketing and Leasing, Greenwin Inc.

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  • July 2015
  • cracked-window

    The Google review said, “My bedroom window is cracked and I asked them to fix it two weeks ago. The repair guy came and took a look at it and hasn’t been back since. I’m moving. The property manager does nothing.” And, with that Susan crossed the apartment listing off her list of housing candidates […]

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  • June 2015
  • time for property management

    Two of the most time-intensive jobs for a property manager are showing the rental unit to the prospective resident and conducting move-out inspections with tenants who are leaving. But what if you could significantly save yourself some time on both of these tasks? How would that make your managers more productive? By cutting out paperwork, […]

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  • Blank Check

    When’s the last time you wrote a cheque? Probably not recently or very often. Whether you realize it or not, the cheque (check to our American friends) has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. For the past 20 years, cheque use has been dramatically falling in most countries, with […]

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  • cloud computing

    Property management firms and REITs are continually faced with the challenge of reducing costs while increasing profits – all without affecting the customer experience. Add to this the fact that the managing properties is becoming increasingly complex, with increased expectations from the residents, and it’s no wonder that landlords are feeling stressed trying to keep […]

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  • Time for Change clock

    Have you heard of Uber? If not, or even if you have, see why its disruptive model acts as a cautionary tale for property managers. The taxi industry is currently going through a remarkably fast-paced example of how technology can topple the status quo. Uber is a “peer to peer” ride-sharing company. Its smartphone app […]

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  • May 2015
  • renters-insurance

    It’s a hard fact of the property management business: Too few renters buy insurance. Most renters underestimate the value of their personal property. They may mistakenly assume that, because their possessions aren’t valuable or their furniture is secondhand, they don’t need coverage. But in the unfortunate event of a grease fire in the stovetop or […]

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  • common-mistakes

    Running a property management company can be complex. You are constantly dealing with a diverse clientele with diverse needs. Then, factor in operations – from marketing to maintenance – and suddenly there are a lot of balls to keep in the air. While property management companies do their best, sometimes mistakes are made that can […]

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  • Improve your cash flow

    In property management, turnover comes with the territory. In many cases, it may be completely out of a property manager’s control. Residents move out because of a shift in their financial situation and they can no longer afford the rent, or because they want to upgrade. Sometimes their job demands that they move to a […]

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  • happy-residents

    Renting out your property, advertising it, and showing it to prospective residents are among the most time-consuming (and costliest) tasks involved in running a rental property. So, how do you keep vacancy levels down? It’s as simple as this: Happy residents renew leases. When you can ensure tenant satisfaction, you are also ensuring that your […]

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  • April 2015
  • automation communication

    How much time are you spending on your communications to residents? The answer is probably this: Too much time. Every day, property management companies communicate with their residents. Sometimes it’s a simple reminder about upcoming repairs; other times it can be to address a noise complaint or send an eviction notice. Communication is key. What […]

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