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  2. Late Rent Payments
  3. Evictions Time
  4. Eviction Costs
  5. Maintenance Staff Costs
  6. Turnover Time
  7. Operational Staff Costs
  8. Net Vacancy Time
  9. Marketing Costs
  10. Communications Costs

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"In place of repeating our past paper based processes, we converted to a fully electronic application and approval process with PropertyVista.The result was a 80% increase in our approval process and a 65% increase in application submissions."

Sarah Stewart, Director, Marketing and Leasing, Greenwin Inc.

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  • June 2017
  • city-buildings

    The introduction of a new Condominium Management Services Act from the Ontario government has a lot of condo property management companies and condo boards scrambling. Bill 106, also known as the Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015, represents a fundamental change in the way condos are governed. Many of the changes are a result of concerns […]

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  • paperless-technology

    It’s no secret that the multifamily housing industry has changed in the last decade. Leaders are leveraging technology to manage their day-to-day businesses, and the importance of having the right digital tools cannot be underestimated. They understand that their company will be left behind if they can’t report on the current state of their business. Yet, […]

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  • Blank Check

    Think about your daily life. Grabbed a quick bite for lunch? You probably paid by bank or credit card. Had to pay some bills in the afternoon? No doubt you paid them online from your bank account (or the amounts were automatically withdrawn). Went to a concert in the evening? You might have gained entry […]

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  • black-and-white-city-man-people

    Is Your Company Safe? Property management companies take resident security seriously—from ensuring security cameras in common areas to well-lit parking garages… and everything in between! Yet, while residents sleep soundly at night, how secure is their personal data? Are there paper files of tenant credit reports or applications? Can renter information be found on an […]

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  • May 2017
  • instagram-image

    Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has taken the social media world by storm. With the ability to share and like photos, today there are more than 600 million Instagrammers, with 400 million of them using the app daily. Still not convinced Instagram is right for your property management business? Consider […]

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  • forms

    In property management, forms are unavoidable. Landlords and property managers require them for everything from leases and applications, to renewals and even eviction notices. Some of these forms are used in day-to-day operations, making them a prime candidate for automation. Yet in many cases these forms are still being filled out by hand. Not only […]

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  • customer-experience

    We live in the era of the customer experience. Hotels, banks, restaurants and retailers all compete to deliver stellar service, with the aim of differentiating their offering and building customer loyalty. Property management is no different. More than just a physical space to be managed, rental buildings are also a community. Property managers and owners […]

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  • toronto

    Last month, Toronto Council approved the new bylaw aimed at strengthening protections for tenants. This new legislation requires landlords to register with the city, respond to urgent tenant requests within 24 hours, inspect common areas for pests on a regular basis and indicate what security features exist on the property. The law—which applies only to […]

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  • April 2017
  • paperless

    Employment of property, real estate, and community association managers is projected to grow a healthy 8 percent from 2014 to 2024. Yet, depending on the source, the average age of a property manager or building operator ranges from 50 to 56 years of age. The industry isn’t exactly a spring chicken. And while this older […]

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  • paperless

    The digital era has arrived. Everywhere you look, businesses are turning to electronic processes and services that help them streamline operations and improve their bottom lines, all while keep customers smiling. For property management firms, going digital presents an abundance of opportunities. From online rent applications, bill payments and maintenance request forms, to social media […]

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