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As a property manager, festivals and holidays are always a good time to strengthen and improve relations with your tenants and within the community itself. And in order for no one to be left out, you can always change the theme around a religious holiday to one which is, for instance, connected to the current season. Easter is a Christian holiday and Passover a Jewish one but alongside them there’s also spring knocking on the door. And spring is, after all, enjoyed by everyone regardless of whether they celebrate these other holidays or not.

The coming of spring is therefore a great opportunity to once again meet your tenants and their families, spend some time outside, play games with the kids and, hopefully, enjoy some good weather.

Spring Brunch

One of the things you could do is organize a spring brunch within your community. All you need to do is to set up a few tables in your clubhouse or somewhere outside, depending on the weather. You could decorate the tables or the room in a simple springtime-fashion, with colored napkins, flowers and nice table coverings. You could use one of the tables for the paper and plastic goods and another one for the main and side dishes. And why not encourage your tenants to prepare their favorite dishes and share them with everyone else? Sharing food and eating together is one of the main ways to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, and strengthen relations with neighbors and tenants.

fnmartinez / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Egg Hunt and other games for the kids

Although eggs are usually considered part of Easter, they need not necessarily be associated with it. Children have a lot of fun hunting for eggs and prizes or simply just playing games. These activities can also be organized around spring as a theme, rather than Easter. And in exchange for the eggs which the kids find you could offer them creative prizes such as crayons, pencils, watercolors or all sorts of handicraft tools. Reversing the egg hunt and making kids hide the eggs is also a possibility. Then you could have the parents set out to find them and give prizes to them. Finally, you could also just organize an event for painting eggs. There is a vast amount of techniques and resources about painting eggs, and such creative tasks are usually enjoyed by everyone.

USACE Europe District / Kids Photos / CC BY

Plant Potting Workshop for all ages

Another pleasant way to spend time with your tenants and something especially fun for the children is organizing a workshop on potting or re-potting plants. Springtime is ideal for such an event and the small ones are surely going to enjoy working with the plants and the soil, and learning about how to take care of them. All you need to do is provide the tools, pots, soil and plants (or people can bring their own plants) and the workshop can begin. In the end, everyone can take a flower home where the kids could, for example, continue taking care of them.

antonychammond / Flowers Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Creating a sense of community and strengthening the ties between tenants is certainly one of the ways in maintaining a healthy environment in your properties. It is also a way for you to create a more lasting relationship with your tenants and show them that you care about the quality of their lives. In turn, this will develop trust towards you and will establish an entirely different way of dealing with all sorts of issues that can come about – from day-to-day to more important ones.

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  • Peggy Wright

    March 14, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    At Florida Christian Apartments, Affordable Homes for Seniors, we were fortunate enough to have an avid gardner become a resident. She is involved with the local garden club to the extent that they are volunteering at our property and we are now doing organic gardening in our courtyards! They even built raised (waist height) beds to our elderly residents could work in them without hurthing their backs. Not only are they functional, they are beautiful wood structures that add to our courtyards!


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